TIMBER Clothing Company, Established 2009. Home of the ORIGINAL Timber T-Shirt!

My name is Luke Jones and on behalf of my wife, Lauren, and our three sons, Lake, Hart, and Cass, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the Timber Clothing Company website.  This venture began in Starkville, MS in 2009 while I was a graduate student in the forestry department at Mississippi State University. I was sitting in the lab one day working on research, and it dawned on me that the forest industry didn't have a recognizable or representative logo. With timber's importance as a renewable natural resource, it made perfectly good sense that one should be developed to promote the forest industry throughout North America.

In working with Joe MacGown, a local artist in Starkville, MS, the ORIGINAL Timber logo was developed and copyrighted in 2009. Since that time, t-shirts with the ORIGINAL Timber Logo have been sold in local stores and trade shows with great success.  In reaching personal and professional goals, my wife and I have found ourselves in a position to share and market the ORIGINAL Timber merchandise as we never have before in order to help sustain the forest industry.  Thanks for choosing our brand and help us promote the forest industry one t-shirt at a time! God Bless!

Luke Jones,Timber Clothing Company